June 2018 round-up post

4 July 2018

I am now up to 30 books written by women, and 13 by men. The vast majority of the books I’ve read this year are by UK (12) and US (15) authors, that only leaves 16 by authors from elsewhere in the world.

To be honest, I’m finding it very difficult to pick a Book of the Month, because I had some great reads in June.

But of those I think I’ll have to pick Rosemary Kirstein’s The Language of Power because I love the characters, and I love the way it shows how important knowledge and using your brain is.

Filmwise, I logged films on letterboxd but only reviewed two.

There is no doubt that my film of the month is Hereditary, which I know some people had issues with, but I loved the blend of slow psychological build, the is it supernatural or not, and the craziness of the ending. Plus all the actors were brilliant and the whole atmosphere worked so well for me. I also think it is one of those films that really shows how subjective an experience film can be.

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