Rolling in the deep by

9 September 2015

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Part of my RIP reading

The Imagine Network[ref]think the SyFy network[/ref] has decided to investigate the legend of the mermaid. They’ve recently discovered just how lucrative fictional-documentaries can be. So they hire a ship with its crew and a team of scientists and send them out to sea with a film crew to find out what they can find.

And when they don’t return, and all that is found is a ghost ship with blood stains there are a fair few people who claim it is all for publicity’s sake. The crew & scientists must have been paid off, this mystery ship, adrift in the ocean, is nothing more than a teaser for their mermaid documentary.

Rolling in the deep reveals the true story behind the Atargatis.

Of at least, that’s the set-up. And if you are a fan of Mira Grant’s other work and have enjoyed that type of story interspersed with news reports then this is the book (novella) for you. It is short, only 122 pages, but it says exactly what it needs to say in those pages. It’s a perfect monster story, the unknowable rising out of nowhere and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Or them. Because mermaids don’t swim alone…

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