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23 July 2015

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Sometimes I have to wonder why, exactly, a story has to be told. Why this particular story, with this articular character. Because watching Ant-man the overwhelming feeling I had was “meh” didn’t need it SO many other stories could have been told instead of yet another dude gets powers story. And love superhero flms.

It flt to me like a lazy story. Sure there were some humourous moments in it. I even laughed at a couple of them. But in the main, I was bored at this film. Bored! at a Marvel superhero/Avenger filled world?! that’s just bizarre.

Okay, so I was never a fan of Ant-man, but then again before the films I was never really a fan of Iron-man, or Captain America, or any of them. It was the film characters that I enjoyed & loved. Ant-man bored me.

And that’s before I started to wonder why Hank Pym needed to protect his daughter so much that he’d risk everything to stop her getting being put in dangers way. Surely if evil-mc-baldness had succeeded in “changing the world” with his suit then Hope would have been in huge amounts of danger anyways, only without the ant-man suit to help her?

Oh, it wasn’t a terrible film, not at all. It just wasn’t one that entertained me all that much. And then they made us wait the whole way through the credits for the two scenes1

It just felt like a very mediocre, by the numbers sort of film, I wanted more.

  1. you did wait for the second one right, cause that was the important one 

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