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5 April 2015

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aka Furious 7, depending on where you are in the world.

So the only other Fast and Furious film I seem to have reviewed on this here blog is number 3, Tokyo Drift, which is surprising to me, because I’ve been watching these films since 2001 when the first one came out. The main reason, back then, was the Vin Diesel factor. Otherwise I doubt I would’ve had much interest in a car racing movie, but you never know, my tastes can be wide and varied and surprise even me.

I loved The Fast and the Furious, it was great fun. Utterly ridiculous. But good fun. I never bothered to watch 2 in the cinema. I mean, Paul Walker had been perfect in his supporting role in the first one but I couldn’t imagine he’d be able to carry a whole movie. So I skipped it. But I really liked Lucas Black from his American Gothic days, and so went to see Tokyo Drift in the cinema. Also drifting looks cool. And there was no Vin, or so I thought at the start, so many car racing films do appeal to me…

And then there was Fast and Furious1 which reunited some of the original gang, and began to really build on the whole family theme. So I went and rewatched the second one, and you know what, I was wrong. Walker did just fine.

It was with Fast 5 that the series really took off though. All those little characters that theyd built on in earlier films, added to the over the top storylines and the ridiculous plots. It shouldn’t have worked, but boy did it. Plus they had the addition of The Rock! I think 5 was where the heart of the series really began to shine through. But the roots were there back in the first film, although it is a very different film from these later ones. That is a car film, the later ones have developed into a James Bond/Die Hard type film, albeit set in a world where cars are the answer to every problem.

The other defining feature of the Fast universe, butt shots. Specifically scantily clad women and their arses. They are everywhere. Sure, you gets boobs here and there too, but the arse is much more likely to be focused on. So there is much objectification.

But there is also female characters who get respect and storylines and actual characters. Plus a diverse ethnic mix! how nice is that to see.

Many many people have written about their love for this series, but I just want to mention a few little things about 7 that I love. First of all, Mia’s role in this film and in the previous one has pretty much been stay at home and take care of the sprog. But this is never been portrayed in a negative light, it is almost as though the film recognises that somebody has to stay with the child, that this is an essential part of being an adult, having responsibilities. And also I LOVE the fact that Mia never once whines at Brian to get him to stay, or becomes that cliched source of tension. She knows what is going on, and she knows that Brian has to go do this stuff, and she tells him as much. A supportive partner, you know like a husband and wife should support each other.

And also Letty. Okay so there is a certain amount of stereotypical tom-boy to her character, and the whole amnesia/death storyline is a little soap-like, but how they handle the story is what is important! Ever so slight spoiler warning here Show Spoiler ▼

So yay to giving her all the agency in the world.

Of course the fact that Paul Walker died during the filming of this gives it that added poignancy and emotional level. And I think they handled it so well. Those final few scenes recapping the important O’Connor moments throughout the FF films where just hart-breaking. And the final final scene! Just perfect.

In conclusion I guess you could say that I liked the film.

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