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6 December 2014

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An October Daye novel: #8

October Daye has come a long way since Simon Torquill transformed her into a fish. She’s uncovered a lot about who she is, who her real friends are, and the secrets her mother kept from her. Unfortunately her mother wasn’t alone in hiding the truth from Toby, and what you don’t know about you can’t prepare for. So when two somebodies1 show up in Toby’s life she isn’t quite sure what the hell is going on.

And when she begins to uncover the truth, and that people she loved were “protecting” her by not telling her, well, she isn’t happy. She isn’t happy at all. And, as usual, she’s in a whole heap of danger.

It is impossible to talk about this book with out spoilers, so what I’ll say to you, if you haven’t read it and the previous books in the series, is start reading them. If you have read this book then uncover the spoilers, and read on.

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It is interesting how people think they are protecting Toby by telling her lies, or just not filling her in on details about her own actual life. It echoed, in my opinion, a lot of what Sal in Parasite would get so upset by. And it is an interesting dilemma. If someone is sick or injured and they can’t change anything, and you know something about them that could severely affect them, should you tell them. With Sal you also have the question of how competent she is, she isn’t legally an adult, and maybe at the start of her recovery that was an okay thing to think, but as she got better and better shouldn’t someone have realised that treating her like a child was really not doing her any favours? Similarly with October maybe when she coming to terms with her past there was a reason for keeping some things from her, but at some point, if you really care for a person you have to let them live their lives. Which means you have to let them know the truth.

And just because someone doesn’t react the way you’d like, or they think about things outside the norm, that does not mean that they are wrong or unable. It is, I’m guessing, an issue that comes up with regards to people with the likes of autism, ocd issues, etc., but also those with physical differences. People, as a whole, are very reluctant to let others run their own lives. “it’s for their own good” usually means it is easier on the speaker.

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