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1 November 2014

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The first five issues of the Hawkeye series together with issue #6 of Young Avengers.

This is the story of what Hawkeye does when he’s not Avenging1 . Clint Barton battles skeezy landlords and the robbers who rob robbers. And hangs out with Kate Bishop, who is/was also Hawkeye, and saves a dog.

I’m not a huge superhero comic book reader. I love the films, and the characters, but with the comics, well there is just so much backstory that it is hard to know where to start. And then where to end! they go on forever rewriting their own pasts and different people interpret the characters in different ways. It feels like watching a long running soap like Coronation Street only with action instead of relationship issues.

So that disclaimer out of the way, back to the book.

I enjoyed it. I liked the art style of the Hawkeye issues, sort of muted and a bit less flash than what I associate with superhero comics, but looks really nice in places. And the story itself was entertaining. I think a lot was supposed to be funny, but that sort of wise-assery never works to well for me in comics. Something about the medium makes it fall a little flat when I read it.

But it is a good starting point for someone who isn’t huge into comics and comic heroes. It passes the while but I don’t think it’d make me rush to read more.

  1. only he is always an Avenger, don’t forget that 

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