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11 February 2014

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I’m terrible at reading magazines I have discovered. I have a subscription to Apex and I don’t think I’ve read more than one or two stories over the past year. But when Ursula Vernon has a story, well, I gotta read that. And you can too, because it is available free to read online.

Jackalope Wives is the story of a sullen boy who becomes infatuated with the idea of a Jackalope wife. They dance nearby, entrancing all who spot them, but they always take off before anyone can catch them. One night, however, he manages to catch one. But sometimes you really shouldn’t get what you wish for. And unable to clean up the mess he has made he brings it to his grandmother.

I do love Vernon’s writing. Everything just comes alive, even those little sketches and paragraphs she sometimes shares on her blog. You should check it out if you haven’t already. She also posts art on occasion ;)

The book that came into my mind as I read this was Margo Lanagan’s The Brides of Rollrock Island even though that is a very unfair comparison and really they aren’t too similar. And whereas Brides features selkies and seals, Jackalope Wives instead features rabbits and, well, jackalope wives. But both involve magic and shape-shifting, and men stealing skins in order to gain wives. Often without thinking about the consequences or what the selkie/jackalope wants or desires.

It is also a story about responsibilities and choice. And, well, life in general. You really should read it, no excuses not to. Its wonderful.

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5 Responses

  1. kail84 says:

    I am terrible at magazines, too! I get them and am all excited and then I wind up with an unread collection.

    • fence says:

      The one good thing is that I subscribe via my kindle, so at least I don't have a pile of paper sitting there looking at me in an accusing manner. Then again, if I did maybe I'd flick through it a bit more :)

  2. brideofcadavra says:

    THAT was a great story. I loved it! The characterization and imagery were sharp and surprising, and it made me laugh, which is always a plus. Thanks for sharing about it. :) Also, I'm very attracted to magazines as a concept, but just can't seem to connect with them in reality. I have no idea why. Too floppy? Too unwieldy? Too slippery? Weird. The only time they're tolerable is in when I'm in somebody's waiting room, distracted anyway.

    • fence says:

      Hi Kelly!
      Yeah, for flipping through they're great, but I just seem to never read them properly, I just look at the pictures while I flick through.

      How are you?

    • brideofcadavra says:

      I'm doing pretty well, thank you for asking! Tired of Weather, but you know, who isn't? I've been reading a lot lately… I know we generally have different taste in books, but have you read Elizabeth Gilbert's new one, The Signature of All Things? There aren't many books lately that I hate to put down and can't wait to get back to, but that was one of them. Also! Watching An Idiot Abroad… Have you seen it? People tend to be divided on Ricky Gervais (I personally love him) but I adore Karl Pilkington. Just adore him to pieces, and the show is GREAT. I'm almost done with the second season.