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1 August 2013

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Book one of The Dagger and the Coin

Read because of Carl’s Group Read

The prologue of The dragon’s path hints at an ancient evil, at the end of the world, but for the rest of the book that fact gets very little attention. Instead we get to meet a variety of characters, from Marcus the mercenary captain with a part, to Cithrin a bank’s ward, to Geder, the noble son of a minor house who gets into something he really never should have.

I really enjoyed this book. It is epic fantasy where a lot of the world-building is concerned with the economics rather than religion. If that sounds dry and boring to you, don’t be put off, it is a really entertaining read with some great characters. Yes, some do play the standard clichéd role you might expect, but they all have more to them than that. Geder’s development in particular is one I’m very interested in. But even the characters that I don’t like, Dawson for example, have plenty of nuance. Dawson would be the hero in many other epic fantasy novels; a loyal lord, fighting for his king against rebels. But his, very believable, prejudice, while understandable is a total turn-off.

I’m just off to buy book 2

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