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29 October 2009

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I enjoyed this book a lot more than i had suspected I would when I picked it up. But it only cost me .25 cents so it really was a win win situation. It tells the story of Mary Tudor, who, as you may have guessed from the title, was Henry VIII’s daughter. The book begins her story after henry has already taken with that Anne Boleyn one. And this version certainly doesn’t take her side. It’s all pro Mary and her mother, Katherine of Aragon. And while it did bother me a little at the start the way everyone seemed to blame Anne for Henry’s failings the book actually does a pretty good job of seeming fair to all the characters.

although it really isnt flattering in it’s portrayal of henry. Fair enough though, I can’t imagine he was all that easy to be around.

All in all it’s a solid bit of writing, unfortunatly i don’t really know anything about Mary Tudor herself. Obviously as a Catholic she was preferable to Elizabeth ;) but really all those kings and queens were nothing but trouble.

Apologies for typos and lack of capitalization. Am typing this on the phone and it isn’t the easiest for longish posts. Ill edit this when I get a chance.

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