Of the way we were

7 February 2008

Image of Little House in the Big Woods

Sheila pointed out that today is Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birthday. She was born on 7th Feb 1867. And reading Sheila’s post I remembered how much i loved those books as a child.

Unlike Sheila I have no idea how old I was when I read them; I know that B#1 read them before me. The memory that stands out the most is being away on holidays in Sligo, camping at the beach, waiting for him to finish one in the series so I could start it. He’d read one then hand it over to me and I’d devour it.

And seeing as how I’m pretty sure we were camping we mustn’t have been living in Sligo. lets see, we moved when I was going in to 3rd class, that means I was what, 8 or 9? And this was either the year before or maybe more, so I was either 6 or 7. Something like that. That’s not really important though.

I don’t think I’ve ever reread them, but I can still remember certain scenes from those books as though I’d read them last week. Their dog Jake. The first trip they took on the train and Laura counting the telegraph poles so Mary would know how fast they were going, that must have been one of the later ones, as Mary was blind at then. Speaking of which, Laura’s not wanting to have to be the teacher of the family.

I must have a root around next time I’m home and see it I can find those books.

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