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6 February 2008

Students! Aren’t they annoying. And stupid.

Perhaps I over generalise. Actually no perhaps about it, I do, I know. And I get on really well with some of our students. But in general, as a population, aren’t they stupid? And annoying?

I say this because the stupid questions just keep coming. And the lack of ability to read the sign right in front of your face? Are you blind? It says don’t do that so don’t get all “who me, I didn’t know” when I call you on it.

Ah, but sure they’re grand really.

Title from Stupid students

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7 Responses

  1. Carl V. says:

    You've got my vote of agreement. Students stupid? Yes, indeed.

  2. weenie says:

    Stupid is a bit harsh but true – remember, all that alcohol they are drinking is killing their brain cells. I know from experience…

  3. Stupid questions reassure me. They reassure me because I realise that I'm not the only person who doesn't notice the flashing sign in three-foot letters that says "ALL ITEMS ONE PRICE", or whatever.

    They reassure me because I don't want to think that everybody's mind works the same way.

    They reassure me because I don't want to believe that most people are practically-minded. I prefer people to be dreamy and abstracted, like what I am.

    They reassure me because they show that originality is always possible. I'm're always scared that thousands of people have made the jokes I have, had the same insights, been struck by the same responses. But when a student comes along and asks whether you have to sign something to borrow books (to stick with libraries, since it's what WE know, sister, eh?), or whether the de-activation of security tags wears off after a while, or whether there's a fine for early return of books (really and truly, I've been asked this), or generally asks something that hasn't occured to the million and one students I've served in seven years, it cheers me up.

    Who wouldn't rather be original than right?

    But then again, I LIKE students. They're so polite and gentle and friendly. Or maybe they just become like that when they walk the hallowed soil of Belfield?

  4. I hear ya! Though i did find it kind of adorable at the same time when a student came up to me and asked "How do you spell Sigmund Freud?" the other day. Bless!

    I do find them all ridiculously polite and friendly though, I never remember being like that!! I even got accosted on the DART once.

  5. Fence says:

    Ah, I don't mind the stupid questions that have answers to them. But the ones that are so insane that they make your ears bleed, those I object to.

  6. Like what? I'm always eager to hear stupid questions!

  7. Fence says:

    Oh, like "is building 3 next door?" when we are in building 91.

    Like, "is the library open?" when it is full of people.

    Like "do you have any books?"