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7 May 2006

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ISBN: 0515140872 Series: Anita Blake #13

It was half past dawn when the phone rang. It shattered the first dreams of the night into a thousand peices so that I couldn’t even remember what the dream had been about.

I’m not really sure why I picked this book up, after the last few turned into nothing but porn I thought I’d give them a miss. But it was only €7, and I’ve read the others so I thought I may as well be a completioniest. But this doesn’t really seem to be the same as the others in the series. Its shorter, and there really isn’t any plot. I mean there is a storyline about raising some fella who died of a heart attack before he could testify to the FBI, but that isn’t what the book is about. It is just the setting Hamilton chose to get Micah and Anita on their own.

In a way this is a character piece. Micah has never really had a strong role in any of the other books, so this is Hamilton’s chance to explain a bit about him, and his background. And there isn’t even that much sex. So little plot, little smut, its all about character interaction and Anita and Micah getting to know each other a little better.

I do have to wonder about the cover though. Honestly look at it and say it isn’t off-putting.

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