“Gravity is a cruel and unpredictable mistress, so…” “No it isn’t, it’s a constant all over the world.”


  1. That bus chase seems like a pretty scary story.
    Nevertheless, I'm very glad that you joined the Save Nevertheless campaign. Strength in numbers and all that…
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  2. Unity through strength.

    What is this Save Nevertheless campaign?

    Law-heads use it all the time. And nonetheless. And whomsoever. And albeit. But we leave unbeknownst to George Lucas…

    I'm glad the Gardai didn't shoot that mentler.

  3. Ah. Claim away! ;-) But be aware we will be suing…

    As long as you think outside the box and are proactive about it, management-speak should not present an obstacle for today's forward-planning think-tank member.

  4. I have to say, as a lifelong Spurs fan, that it was a pretty crushing way to be denied the Champions League, especially with poor Michael Carrick spending half the match running around with his legs crossed quite visibly needing a poo in the worst possible way. But that said, if you had offered me fifth place at the start of the season, you wouldn't have had to ask twice, so I can't really complain too much.

  5. Yeah, expectations at the start differed ever so slightly from those towards the end of the season I suppose.

    Course now they are saying that they don't even know if it was food poisoning. Could have been a virus. Or maybe… footballers flu!
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  6. NM, I'm forced by circumstances beyond the control of any one individual to actually write these words, because, in as much as anyone can say with any certainty in this period, or perhaps age of dynamic alterations, one must state, quite clearly and on the record, that the example provided by yourself, was in fact not what the majority of the shareholders would like to think of as, and I quote "management speak". Indeed, the very clarity of the sentences transcribed by the before mentioned individual clearly highlights this pertinant fact. If I may be excused in my use of air quotes, "management-speak" is of course, without a doubt, far more complex than the evidence presented to us. It should be obvious to all that without an exponential increase in the production of words, vowels, consonants and other gramatical aids this example falls well short of the bench-mark.
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