Born with two mothers

17 July 2005

This is for the person who keeps arriving at my old site and getting redirected to here, figured I’d repost so you could read it :)

This show was on C4 last night. Its all about an IVF treatment gone wrong, as the embryo of one couple is implanted into a different mother, resulting in a black baby being born to white parents.

In telling the story actors were used for the two sets of parents, but actual professionals (dr.s, judges etc) were used to give their real judgements. “I loved the fact that all our professionals are so gloriously uncharismatic! It was wonderful, that they were so dull!”.

But overall it turned out to be more about race issues than actual parent-issues. The decision the judge makes in the end is based on the fact that the baby is black, and not on anything else. And there was me thinking colour isn’t supposed to matter any more?

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