Weeks 110 & 111

21 March 2005

Didn’t do this last week, so two entries for today:
Week 111

  1. Stink:: skunk
  2. Renewal:: work
  3. I remember…:: you in cinefilm.
  4. Loneliness:: Lonely but never alone
  5. Ooooh:: er, missus
  6. For real:: as if
  7. Titanium:: not as good as adamantium
  8. Get down:: and jiggy wid it
  9. Rupture:: rapture, end of the world
  10. Dramatic:: irony

And 110:

  1. Shape up:: or ship out
  2. New Orleans:: Interview with the vampire
  3. In the bedroom:: there lives a huge mess.
  4. All the time:: rain
  5. Philosophy:: drunken ramblings
  6. Tyler:: Fight Club
  7. Disturbed:: well, I could go fight club again now couldn’t I?
  8. French kiss:: snogging
  9. Solidify:: Boring chemistry class
  10. Furtive:: mouse

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