So the Six Nations is over

21 March 2005

And I think Ireland bottled it. They never played as well as they could, imo, and stuck far too much to the kick for position and set-piece game. Now I know it has worked well for us, but for a team to win they have to be able to adjust in order to face different teams. To be able to raise their game. And Ireland didn’t.

Hook made the comment on RTE that Sullivan has done the same thing to the Irish rugby team that Jack Charlton did to the Irish soccer team – impose a style of play that lacks any style at all. And in a way he may have a point, but unlike Charlton who stopped Brady and Whelan from playing, Sullivan does let the likes of O’Driscoll and D’Arcy cut loose every now and then. Maybe it is a question of combining the two methods together.

All in all though, there was only one really good game of the competition, and that was the Wales v France game. So well done to those Welsh wankers (I called the french fuckers last time, so it just wouldn’t be fair to leave the Welsh fellas without some insult now would it?) for winning everything that could’ve been won: Grand Slam, Triple Crown, Six Nations etc.

And there is some good news, the Sligo U18 team are all-Ireland champions. First time a Sligo team has ever gotten as far as a semi-final was this year, so congrats to them.

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