Computer Stupidities

4 April 2004

Oh I love this site. Loads of their stories make quite a lot of sense, from a certain perspective. Seriously funny though:
“I work for the internal tech support of a company. One day I received an amusing call.

  • Customer: “I found a bug in my computer.”
  • Tech Support: “How do you know it’s really a bug?”
  • Customer: “I can see it.”
  • Tech Support: “You can physically see a bug in your computer?”
  • Customer: “Yes.”

This was definitely worth a trip to his office. When I got there, I saw an anti-virus warning, which included a graphic of a hand holding a bug. I explained that the anti-virus software had discovered a virus on his system.

  • Customer: “Well, can you give me another computer so I can let this one rest and recover for a couple of days?”

I cleaned the virus off his system and told him his computer was feeling better now.

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