Unconscious Mutterings

22 March 2004

Free association time

  1. Wife -Whats the point in getting married??
  2. Criminal – Eminem, that song her has “I’m a criminal” or however it goes
  3. Campaign- Bloody politicians
  4. Infection- duplicates. This may need some explanation. We receive Clinical Infectious Diseases at work, and always seem to get duplicates. I’d say we have almost an entire volume of duplicates
  5. Portland – Oregan? Is that right. Don’t know anything about it.
  6. NASCAR- Micahel Schumaker. I know he is F1, but I’ve never watched NASCAR, but am a F1 fan and schumie is tops
  7. IMAX – cinema
  8. Martian – Pierce Brosnan. You know from that Time Burton film. And the transplanting of heads :)
  9. Nike – slave labour, Straskey & Hutch. Both jumped into my head at the same time so they both gotta stay.
  10. Trial – drama, as in on the stage. was in aproduction of On Trial many moons ago

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