The Pillars of Creation by

9 January 2003

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Book 7 in the Sword of Truth series

A very weird book, imo. Almost nothing at all about Richard, instead it is all about his half-sister Jenn.

I have such an ambivalent attitude towards this series. I quite enjoy reading them but the political and philosophical meaning behind the stories is almost the exact opposite of everything I would believe in.
In Wizard’s First Rule for example the basic premise was that people are stupid. That mob rule always wins out, and by being able to manipulate that you can guide people into believing almost anything.

There is also an entire book about how democracy doesn’t work, another about the evils of socialism, especially communism, and how Richard becoming a tyrant is good for the people. That he will guide them in the right direction and protect the lands by eliminating pointless discussions.

And yet despite the fact that I often end up shaking my head at what lies underneath the stories I do enjoy the books, although I have no idea why, because to be honest the prose itself isn’t all that great, the plots are pedestrian and the characters laughable.

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