I, Lucifer by

23 January 2003

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ISBN: 0743220137

Image of I, LuciferNow this is a truly fantastic book. The basic premise is that God offers the Devil one last chance. If Lucifer can live one month without sin then he will get into heaven when he dies. Does Lucifer take up the offer?

Well of course he does, but not so he can be redeemed but so he can have some fun. Mainly sex, drugs and the movie-business.
This is a very funny book, that manages to also be very emotionally effecting, but very unsentimental.

The prose is absolutely wonderful, in a way a sort of stream of consciousness but also a collection of stories abut different times in history. I loved the way everything seemed so much “more” when Lucifer experienced it, like that Kavanagh poem Advent: How if we are denied something then we appreciate it all the more.

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