The woman in black

ISBN: 9780099511649

It was nine-thirty on Christmas eve.

Arthur Kipps is a mature and responsible individual. His first wife & child died many years ago, but he has since found happiness with his second wife and her children, although they are mostly grown at this stage. One Christmas eve the family is gathered together, and as is traditional the children begin to tell each other ghost stories. But when they ask Arthur to join in he surprises them by becoming quite shaken, and almost fleeing the cosy room, returning later and pretending that his emotions had not overwhlemed him. He knows his behaviour has upset and puzzled his wife, but feels unable to confide in her, as he doesn’t wish to relive the memories, instead he decides to write out exactly what happened. If at some future date he dies then this story will be read.

And it is a haunting, creepy and atmospheric tale.

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A letter of Mary

The more I read of this series the more I come to love the characters, and indeed the whole set-up. Mary Russell is such a believable character, and King’s Holmes is just perfect.

The mystery at the heart of this novel concerns the death of Dorothy Ruskin. An archaeologist working in Jerusalem, she met up with Russell and Holmes when they travelled the area back in book one. In this book she comes to visit them, bringing with her an exquisite wooden box which contains a parchment on which is written a letter, from Mary of Magdala to her sister. Was it really written by the infamous Mary Magdalen? And was the car accident that killed her really an accident?