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23 February 2019

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I came across a mention of Julie d’Aubugny when Oisin McGann retweeted a Quite Interesting fact about her

And so I took a look at the library catalogue and lo and behold, there was a book about her Goddess by Kelly Gardiner.

The book starts with Julie at the grand old age of 33, in a convent, sick and talking to a priest. She isn’t confessing, she just wants to let the world know the truth. The chapters then alternate between her at that time talking about her past and her memories, and then in third person narrator Julie’s story is told. It is an interesting way to construct the novel, but I did find that it made the story feel a little episodic rather than all of a whole. Also, it distanced me a little from Julie and her story. It never felt like I was totally in the moment with her.

That being said, I still really enjoyed this book and would love to know more about the real La Maupin, although as Gardiner points out very little is actually known, and even contemporary accounts may only be rumours. Still, there is no denying that she led a fascinating life.

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