Forbidden brides of the faceless slaves in the secret house of the night of dread desire by

I’m, as usual, playing catch up. Never got around to posting on the stories I read for week 2, so hopefully I’ll get through them all this time around. As usual with these group reads a spoiler warning is in full effect. They are discussion posts rather than reviews.

Forbidden brides ... Neil Gaiman

Forbidden brides ... Neil Gaiman

This is another meta-fiction. A story within a story within a story. And again, I’m not quite sure of it. To be honest, it is one of those that highlights why I dislike reading a lot of short stories. They are too short. I want to know more about the setting, the characters, the plot, if it can be called a plot :)

It is intriguing and provoking, but not satisfying.

This story in particular is in many ways a send-up of gothic literature, but a it is a fond mocking. Almost as thought the reader should know the conventions, and while appreciating them as conventions and stereotypes still love and enjoy them.

Or at least that is how I read it. And to be honest, I’d enjoy reading more about Amelia and her adventures

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