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19 August 2011

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An Alexia Tarabotti novel, The Parasol Protectorate: Book the Fourth

The first book in this series introduced us to our heroine, Alexia Tarabotti, and in some ways the very first line of this book is a spoiler for that one because Alexia now has a different surname. But from the moment you started reading Soulless you should have guessed that would happen. And if you haven’t read it yet, well, off you pop. And then books 2 & 3. Then this one. You’ll probably enjoy it, I know I did. I really love this series of books, with their vampires and werewolves and ghosts and Victorian England. Its just such fun!

Heartless by Gail CarrigerSpoilers for the previous books cannot be avoided. Look away now if you haven’t read them.

So after the scandal of her pregnancy Alexia & Conall have reconciled and are most happy together. The vampire population of London however is not. They do not with the child of a soulless to be born. It would be an abomination. And therefore they have been making attempts on the life of Lady Maccon. This cannot be tolerated any longer. It is far too inconvenient, not to mention unmannerly. And so the couple decide that for politics sake Lord Akeldama will adopt the child, of course, they will remain involved and so must move next door. Or even into Lord Akeldama’s closet.

But that is not all, for the ghosts of London are a flutter with rumours of an attempt on the life of the Queen! An assassination attempt that may be linked with Lord Maccon’s old Scottish pack. But is it the vampires again, or a werewolf? Alexia must investigate.

As I’ve already mentioned I just find these books so much fun to read. Although I do sometimes wish that the characters could have as much depth as a Georgette Heyer character, but she was an exceptional author, and if Carriger isn’t quite up to that standard she is still more than entertaining. I really like Alexia, despite her overbearing way on occasion. And Conall is a dote. Honestly, you really should give these books a whirl, even if you don’t think they are your usual cup of tea. What could it hurt?

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