The Cave of the Yellow Dog dir. by

23 July 2006

Rated :

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThere is very little plot to this film. It all revolves around Nansal, a six year old girl, who while out looking for dung to fuel a fire comes across a puppy. And like many other young children she wants to keep him. But her father thinks he may bring the wolves down on his trail and wants Nansal to send the dog away. And that is it. All the plot there.

But in reality this is more of a documentary about the lifestyles of the Mongolian nomads, as we get to see their daily lives. There is very little of the modern world about this film, apart from the odd plastic laddle, and a toy dog.

The story may be slight, but the film is still more than worth watching. It is slow, and there are no explosions whatsoever, so it isn’t really a film for kids, who may be bored.

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