Happy Holidays

or Merry Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa/random winter day Whatever it is you are having yourself. I’m celebrating Christmas, as culturally catholic agnostic there really isn’t another name to give it. Went home to Sligo, saw the family except the ones in Australia & Canada. Brought the two dogs with me and they got to meet the brother’s dog. […]

my bad

Little help?

Hi all, as you may have noticed I’ve changed blog theme. But before I changed Kailana told me she was having problems commenting. And she still is but I can’t recreate the problem here. It seems to be something to do with visiting from a feed reader, but I’m not 100% sure of that, so […]

Merry 2014

I know, we’re ten days into January now, but as I’ve said on numerous occasions here on this very blog, better late than never. We had an incident with a tree and a phone line before Christmas, so my internet was down but we’re finally back in action again. It does mean I’ve sort of […]

A more diverse universe blog tour

This year from November 15th to 17th BookLust is hosting The More Diverse Universe blog tour A More Diverse Universe celebrates diversity in speculative fiction by encouraging people to read books in the fantasy or science fiction genres that were written by people of color. It is so very important to read diversely, to read […]

Template shenanigans

I am messing about with various templates at the moment. None decided on as final, but if you notice anything weird that is the reason why. Hopefully I’ll have a new one sorted and ready to go by the end of the day.

Hello world

Well it has been a while hasn’t it? My last post was way back in December of last year. That’s almost four full months! The main reason for my absence was that I bought a house! Excitement, but also time-consuming and internet-interfering-with. We’ve moved out the country, and being a *whole* ten miles from the […]

In the eye of the beholder

Kameron Hurley, author of God’s War wasn’t overly impressed by The Cabin in the Woods, as maybe you can tell from this short excerpt from her blog:

Throughout the whole movie, the guys are the puppeteers. The guys still get most of the lines. They’re in control. Throwing in Show Spoiler ▼

at the end for the final fight doesn’t magically “fix” the fact that I just watched a very uncomfortable movie about how men maim and humiliate women in service to their dark, primordial desires/underlord. The scene with all the guys oogling over whether or not the blond’s shirt was going to come off was just… unnecessary.
[Kameron Hurley – Why your gun-toting chick isn’t feminist redux Thoughts on Cabin in the Woods]

The thing is, a lot of what she points out as being misogyny is, totally and utterly, misogyny. But I watched the film thinking that that was part of the point. The world we live in has a whole heap of misogyny in it. And, in most cases, old white men are the ones in charge. I watched The cabin in the woods as a dark comedy/horror first up, but I also saw it as having a whole heap to say about the world, in general, and the horror genre in certain specifics.

I’m trying to figure out how to articulate this properly. It has been so long since I’ve actually had to write an argument. Anyways, unhidden spoilers below.

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