Where are all the women?

I think the problem is that some writers (and some readers) have spent a lot of time internalizing our societal narrative that women… just aren’t interesting. The things we do and have done don’t make good stories, or if they do, those stories are women’s stories, and not for general consumption. Elizabeth Bear – Torforge. […]

Diary – LRB

it is tempting to join her in concluding that men and women are read differently, even when they write the same thing. If a man writes ‘The cat sat on the mat’ we admire the economy of his prose; if a woman does we find it banal. Enright, Anne. (2017)· Diary · LRB 21 September […]

from Demanding Kinder Classrooms Doesn’t Make You a Snowflake

There’s already enough cruelty in the world. Our students don’t need to be cowering supplicants, adoring acolytes, or uncritical sponges. They don’t need classrooms rooted in the arrogant belief that their experiences and contexts are meaningless, that the only Truth that matters is the one intoned by the unassailable, privileged authority at the front of […]

extract from Circe

Madeline Miller has posted a link to an extract of her new book Circe. I really loved her Song of Achilles so I’m looking forward to this.

Trailer for Bright

So, does this mean we’re moving away from epic fantasy on the screen and into urban fantasy? I do like the look of the trailer, the world appears somewhat similar to del Toro’s Hellboy films, but I’m not entirely sold on the dialogue.