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David S. Goyer

Man of Steel dir. by


This is a Superman film. And a Superman origins film at that, so you can guess at some of the plot. Clark Kent dealing with his superhero side, becoming Superman, and learning about where he really came from. But this is a reboot! they are all the fashion these days, so something different must occur. I really liked the last

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The Dark Knight Rises [based on characters created] by dir. by

The Dark Knight Rises

Before this review begins, I’d like to just wish everyone affected by the attack in Colorado the very best. I really have no words to express how horrible that was, especially when you read stories like that of Jessica Ghawi’s, who survived a shooting in Canada only for this to happen. . Back to the more mundane of the film

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Jumper [based on the book] by dir. by

Jumper dir Doug Liman

David Rice used to be your average chump. His word, not mine. But then he discovered that he could jump; transport himself instantly from one place to another. And suddenly his world is fabtastic. Money is easy, he simply jumps into a bank vault and jumps away with cash. Wants a holiday, or a change of scenery, then all he

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Batman Begins [based on comics] by dir. by

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Ignore all the previous films, this is new Batman origin film. And we get it all, from the fall down the well to the parents being gunned down in an alley. There is the training, the gadgets, and a batmobile like you’ve never seen before When I first saw the trailers I didn’t really care much one way or the

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