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Danger Will Robinson

We-elll The upgrade went okay. Although the automatic yoke didn’t work so I had to do a manual. Still, seems okay. But look a new them [...]

Honey, I’m ho-ome

Although possibly you never even noticed I was gone. Server & bandwidth issues meant the site was nae working for the past week or so, sh [...]

Errr, guess I shouldn’t have clicked that button

So I went ahead and upgraded my WordPress installation to 3.0 last week. And at the same time decided to mess about with the tags. Only then [...]

I can’t drink this coffee

Okay so, I think I’ve gotten rid of Akismet. I hope so. And I’ve installed Spam Karma 2 instead. I did have this before, but an [...]

Space Monkeys

EDITSo I’m not deleting this post, mainly because of the word wibbildy ;) but also because although the upgrade was fine, and I’ [...]
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