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Danger Will Robinson

We-elll The upgrade went okay. Although the automatic yoke didn’t work so I had to do a manual. Still, seems okay. But look a new theme! Where did that come from...

Honey, I’m ho-ome

Although possibly you never even noticed I was gone. Server & bandwidth issues meant the site was nae working for the past week or so, she dinnae have the power. But the lovely people are Blacknight got me all transferred and back in business and I don’t think I’m missing anything. I did lose my header image, but I’ve been thinking about changing that anyway, so will have a new one soon enough.

How’s everyone been? Have you American being enjoying your Thanksgiving and turkey?

I can’t drink this coffee

Okay so, I think I’ve gotten rid of Akismet. I hope so. And I’ve installed Spam Karma 2 instead. I did have this before, but an upgrade messed it up. But...

Space Monkeys

EDITSo I’m not deleting this post, mainly because of the word wibbildy ;) but also because although the upgrade was fine, and I’m busy getting used to the new wordpress layout...