Olé, olé, olé, olé. Olé, olé!

Was Sat ever a day of rugby or what? I missed the first match cause was taking the sister shopping for her birthday, but bloody hell. The two matches I caught were entertainment enough. Weirdly, I’m starting to feel some sympathy for Gavin Henson. Thought all the criticism he got during and after the Wales/Ireland […]


Took a glance at who has been visiting the site, and surprisingly a large number of seraches that lead to here seem to be “what is the triple crown” so just in case I get any more persons asking that question, the triple crown I am referring to is the rugby one: The Triple Crown […]

Triple Crown Champions

Spent the day in front of the telly, first there was the Wales vs Italy match in the Millennium stadium. Have to admit that I felt a bit sorry for Italy as Wales ran away with it, but then again Wales were in need of a good match. And after their performance against England last […]