I had such fuckin’ hopes for us

I’ve been out. Doing things. You know, that I shouldn’t be, *glances warily around* going places I shouldn’t. Yup. Shopping again. It’s shocking[1] how easy it is to spend money when you don’t have to hand over any actual cash. Just flash the plastic and away you go[2] Crazy easy it is. And not only […]

Come at the king, you best not miss.

On the face of it, it’s a show about police and drug dealers in contemporary Baltimore – but that’s a woefully simplistic description. Stick with it, and by the time you get to season four you’ll realise that when co-creator David Simon describes it as a “treatise on the death of America”, it’s not empty hyperbole. By some margin, this is the most ambitious, complex drama serial ever created.

Jesus, if Lee Haevey Oswald had been from Mayo, JFK’d be alive and kicking!

Oh my good god[1] was that a terrible match or a terrible match. Though obviously not if you are a Kerry fan. But still. A 13 point difference! It was almost too embarrassing to watch. In other news I have yet again succumbed to the evils of internet shopping and gone and purchsed some DVDs. […]