The Squad

Michael Collins is frequently cited as the originator of modern urban terrorism. The British characterised his Squad as ‘the murder gang’ and had they knowingly captured members of of the Squad they would almost certainly have exectued them.

Irish history is full of revolutionaries and failed rebellions, of informers giving information to the English, and spies infiltrating Irish organisations. Michael Collins recognised the importance of the intelligence network and so in 1919 he formulated a plan to blind the eyes of Dublin Castle by ensuring that the police force were as terrorised and demoralised as possible.

History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.

Today is the shortest day in the year, but the 21st of December also marks the anniversary of the Republic of Ireland Act which repealed the External Relations Act and took Ireland out of the Commonwealth. Course it was just an Act, and Ireland wasn’t formally declared a republic until the following year (on the […]