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Even before 2015 had arrived the first not-a-challenge of the new year had begun, Carl’s Sci Fi Experience began in December of 2014 and will run til the end of January 2015. It has a simple goal, to help people enjoy science fiction, whether in book, film, gaming, or however. It is “an opportunity to experience the wonder of science fiction, whether that be through reading, viewing, gaming and/or art appreciation.” If you are joining in you can link your review on the 2015 Sci-Fi Experience review site.
I’m on more of a fantasy kick at the moment, but I’m hoping to read a few sci-fi short stories if nothing else.
As in the past few years The Sci-Fi Experience is running in conjunction with The Vintage Science Fiction not-a-challenge. If you are reading along with that you can link your reviews here.
My Sci-Fi experience reading :
Symbiont by Mira Grant – parasite zombies take over San Francisco, and the world.

Inverted world by

Part of my Sci-Fi Experience 2015 as well as the Vintage Sci-Fi Not a Challenge Helward Mann was born, and grew up, in the city of...

Symbiont by

Parasitology #2 Part of my Sci Fi Experience 2015 In Parasite we met Sal Mitchell, or Sally as she doesn’t like to be called. She had...