More new books

Yes, I’m adding yet more to the tbr pile, I am doomed! Doomed I tells ya. But they were free so even if I never read them I’m still doing fine :) I also picked up The Tallystick and other stories by Bryan MacMahon. But I can’t find a good image of my copy online, […]

Good news everybody

I seem to have de-slumped from the whole taking forever to read a book. Course I still haven’t finished The Story of English, but non-fiction books always take me longer than fiction, so I don’t care. Course I still have the whole problem with the indecisiveness; I take a look at the collection waiting to […]


Thirteen Books I own, but that are still waiting for me to read. Memory and Dreams by Charles De Lint. I’m thinking I’ll add this to my Once Upon a Time reading list. A Wrinkle in Time as I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. i think this may be more sci-fi than fantasy, […]