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2009 #3
blah de blah

I have nothing to say, but on account of not blogging yesterday I sorta feel like I should just stick […]

Just bypass the logic and ring Joe Duffy.

Sometimes this www-land[1] just comes up with the goods. Look at this book: Isn’t that the best title ever? Not […]

It’s good to be back Lloyd

You know what the worst thing about having four days off in a row is? Yup, that’s right, it is […]

Land of Heart’s Desire

Oh internet, you are so wise, and so varied. Webland holds so many treasures and wonders. And thanks to Damien […]

Je suis un génie, pas un ingénieur

Hola peoples, how was everyone’s christmas, I’m just back up in Dublin from Sligeach, had a very nice time, we […]

The host is riding from Knocknarea

So I mentioned that I got my rat when I was back home in Sligo, and said I might post […]

Anyone got a couple of quid to spare?

News from the Sligo Champion (free ref req’d), is that the Hawkswell theatre may not survive past this year. The […]

Sligo blocade

“A blockade by farmers of one of Sligo’s most scenic beauty spots has been threatened by North Sligo farmer, Andy […]

No Bertie for Sligo

Looks like Bertie aint welcome in Sligo, by Irish the students at least: “As Mr. Ahern arrived at the IT, […]