I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption

Rugby Rugby report on how a match in Russia was mistaken for a mass brawl, leading to arrests of the players: The police broke up proceedings and detained some 100 people before determining that they were engaged in a bizarre sport instead of brawling Story via SportsFilter. And the other big sporting news[1] is Roy […]

Team morale is brilliant, there are no worries about that. The lads are the best bunch you will ever meet and they will get on with it.

*Auto post no 2* The World Cup is almost here. Football is going to dominate all the newspapers and tv coverage. The whole world will go football crazy. Well, parts of it will. We didn’t qualify. So instead of looking at our prospects I’m going to look back at “The Saipan Incident” of 2002. Because […]

I think I’d better leave right now

Strange thing happened when I was looking at the web stats today. It appears that someone got here by searching using the term koenigshklkoenigshklhafkljablerker. Yes, that’d be the made up word I used to describe the car on Top Gear on Sunday. Well, it made me smile. Last night saw Roy Keane’s testimonial. He played […]

Gawk all over de place

Holy crapola. They’ve gone and fired Roy Keane! Man Utd must be mad. i know he isn’t as great a player as he used to be, and certain comments he makes might not be exactly tactful. But lets face it Man U aren’t really doing all the well at the moment, they don’t have a […]

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.

Addition below: After scientists have found a new planet with three suns a mere 149 light years away and named it Tatooine, the question must now be raised, when will Lucas sue? Course the real news is all this brouhaha about Roy Keane and his loser comments/rant about his team-mates. Sky News this morning were […]

Blather Shitegeist

God do I love the Blather Shitegeist: “Keane bestrides the Irish consciousness like CuChullain. A man seemingly born to conflict, with a staggering ability to make others around him perform beyond their natural ability. He taunts us and goads us, enraptures and enthralls us. His is our tearaway son, prodigal brat, freak in the attic. […]

Red Mist

Full title Red Mist: Roy Keane and the Football Civil war. A fan’s story
ISBN: 0747570140 See also: LibraryThing ; Roy’s stats from Man U ; Guardian article written during Saipan ; Divided opinion from Irish fans ; Reuter’s article on Roy’s return ; Review of the book from the Sunday Post ; Google search one Roy Keane and Saipan ; Profile of Mick McCarthy from soccerage.com ; The big fight Online fro p45 :)

For those of you who are not Irish, or not football fans (soccer) the Roy Keane and Mick McCarthy saga might be unheard of. If you are a football fan then you should know, and if you’re Irish then the events in Saipan must have been discussed with various people.
Of course we don’t really know what happened in Asia in 2002, but that doesn’t really matter, we still took sides and either defended McCarthy or blamed him.

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