The Radleys

17 Orchard Lane, in Bishopthorpe is a quiet, residential spot. Home to the respectable types; doctors and architects. You know that sort of *respectable* English street. But one of the families resident here is keeping a secret. A secret the parents are keeping even from their own teenage children. Clara and her older brother Rowan […]

Tender Morsels

ISBN: 9780385613231

Liga’s father fiddled with the fire, fiddled and fiddled. Then he stood up, very suddenly.

I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while. It’s been stirring up quite a bit of controversy, what with its storyline involving rape, abortion, and incest, although none of that is the reason why I wanted to read it. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read by Lanagan up til now so I knew I’d get around to this one sooner or later. And I’m glad I did, as I did enjoy this one too. Not all of it, but it isn’t all meant to be enjoyed.

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Black Juice

ISBN: 0575077816 A Once Upon A Time reading challenge read.
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We all went down to the tar-pit, with mats to spread our weight.

This was an impulse purchase; my reason being the cover. It grabbed my eye and passed my usual “read a random sentence or two” test. So I bought it. And I am glad to say that I loved it. It is a collection of short stories, many told in the first person, and as usual with short stories there are some I loved and some I thought were merely okay. None were bad though.

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Nylon Angel

If Jamon Mondo touched me one more time I’d kill him.

I almost wish I hadn’t finish this book. I was on the verge of tossing it around two thirds in, but figured I’d read this far might as well see how it ends. But the final third is actually quite good. Not sure if it is enough to make up for the first part, But now I am a little curious about the next books in the series.


SBN: 0007137338
#2 in the Sabriel ‘verse

This is the sequal to Sabriel, and begins fourteen years after those events. The main star is, as the title suggests Lirael. She celebrates her 14th birthday as the story starts, and we learn that she, although one of the Clayr, cannot See. The Clayr are people with the gift to see the present, and also to see possible futures. Because she has not yet awoken she is treated as a child while those younger than her get to put on the white clothes of adulthood, she remains in blue. Always apart and alone.

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