Jason Donovan and Russell Crowe!

How could I not have been intrigued[1] by that mix when I saw those names flash up on the screen. I had been flicking while the dinner was on and seeing as there was nothing else on I decided, sure I may as well watch it. It being Blood Oath.

Not a terribly cheery film for a sunny-ish Wednesday afternoon, but interesting. It was made back in 1990[2] and was concerned with the tribunals held on the island of Ambon to investigate the abuse of the Australian POWs held by the Japanese there during WWII.

As a film it was a little slow, and could have done with being sharpened up here and there. However, because of the subject matter it actually worked quite well.

Spoilers below

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  1. okay, so intrigued might be slightly too strong an expression. Mildly interested is possibly more accurate
  2. remember when the 90s were futuristic?