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Rose Under Fire

It is 1944 and American pilot Rose Justice is working in England, she has joined the ATA and is hard at work transporting planes for the RAF [...]

Going Wodwo (Fragile things week 3)

Beware of spoilers. Discussion welcome. Okay, this is one of those posts where I may type and type and yet say nothing, because I’m re [...]

The Fairy Reel (Fragile things group read, Week1)

Third post on the group read of Fragile Things. I started with the introduction, where some people like to start, then the first story, A st [...]

TT #11

Because April is America’s National Poetry Month I thought I may as well celebrate this furrin-type event by listing 13 poems from eit [...]

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish

Its been fun, over the past few years, but *shrug* I’m bored now. And so, am retiring from the blogosphere. For my final post I’ [...]

Caoineadh Airt Uí­ Laoghaire

Mo chara thu go daingean! is níor chreideas riamh dod mharbh gur tháinig chúgham do chapall is a srianta léi go talamh, is fuil do chro [...]
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