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The sky is everywhere

Lennie is seventeen. Her mother went “exploring” when she was a baby, she lives with the Gran and her uncle Big, and until recently her older sister. But Bailey died suddenly, and now Lennie doesn’t have a sister any more. They were so close, they shared a room, they were always together, chatting sharing their […]

Rose Under Fire

It is 1944 and American pilot Rose Justice is working in England, she has joined the ATA and is hard at work transporting planes for the RAF, and occasionally flying important people about. Returning from one such mission she encounters a doodlebug or Vergeltungswaffe flying bomb. In her efforts to divert it from its course […]

Going Wodwo (Fragile things week 3)

Beware of spoilers. Discussion welcome. Okay, this is one of those posts where I may type and type and yet say nothing, because I’m really unsure of what I want to say. I guess I don’t like it all that much. I can sort of appreciate the feeling behind the poem, the desire to escape. […]

The Fairy Reel (Fragile things group read, Week1)

Third post on the group read of Fragile Things. I started with the introduction, where some people like to start, then the first story, A study in emerald which was very enjoyable. And now on to week 1, part 3. The first poem, entitled The fairy Reel which you can read online at I’m […]

TT #11

Because April is America’s National Poetry Month I thought I may as well celebrate this furrin-type event by listing 13 poems from either the The Rattle Bag or from Soundings, anthologies that we used in school. Snake by D.H. Lawrence He lifted his head from his drinking, as cattle do, And looked at me vaguely, […]