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Monzo’s Diary

Monzo is a small dog, he usually recognises people by their footwear. He starts out life with “the cruel man” who docks his tale [...]

Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?

RipleySo you all remember that I [...]


Was back in Sligo over the weekend, and it was a bank holiday weekend so it only finished yesterday. I could’ve posted, we’ve no [...]


Thirteen Things about de mutt idea stolen from Ann De Mutt has the finest pedigree parents. One an award winning lab, the other a dalmation. [...]

A collection of odments

Well, obviously enough, with the weekend just gone my first topic of this post has to be... the role of the Catholic Church in the politi [...]

Did I happen to mention

My one eyed-cat before? I don’t think so (and I even went to the bother of doing a little browse and didn’t find any reference t [...]
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