The alchemist and the angel

The alchemist and the angel

Jan lives with his aunt and uncle. His parents died of the plague and he had to leave his home village and move to Vienna. At first he is, understandably withdrawn and upset, but after a few months his uncle suggests that he help out and become his apprentice. At once Jan begins to perk […]

Christine Falls

Image of Christine Falls
ISBN: 9780330445320
Book 1 in the Quirke series
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She was glad it was the evening mailboat she was taking, for she did not think she could have faced a morning departure.

Supposedly this is the first book in a series of crime novels by John Banville, writing as Benjamin Black, but to be honest there really isn’t that much crime in it. A few people being beaten up, some documents being faked, but it is a long way from the murder-thriller that readers may be expecting.

Christine Falls is set in 1950’s Ireland, so right away you know to expect the Catholic Church to be the “ebil authority” for our protagonist(pathologist Quirke) to rail against. And we even have the nun-run “laundries” for unmarried mothers and the whisking away of babies to the United States of America.

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