makes you wonder

Was over at Sally’s where she is talking about global warming and all the debates going on about it, (let’s not mention the David Bellamy debate) and it made me wonder about something.

We all know that oil is a finite resource. We all know that it isn’t exactly doing the environment any favours, yet we don’t seem all that bothered (link possibly biased *g*) about it.

So anyone got a clue why most people seem unconcerned about the fact that the oil is running out, yet we are so utterly dependent on it?

You’ve only got to watch shows like Top Gear to realise that, although at some level, people know we will run out of oil (or at least out of cheap? oil) most people really don’t care as long as their car is fast, sexy and makes a loud noise. So why are we ignoring what we know will happen?

And I am actually more interested in the way people disregard the future than I am in the oil problem.

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