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March 2018 roundup

In March I read 8 books, 2 by men (yearly total 7) and 6 by women (yearly total 16). 1 was a non-fiction title, 1 was a children’s picture book. And...

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Added to Mount TBR in March 2018 – I came across this book as it was longlisted for the 2018 Wellcome Book Prize. It sounded interesting It is a strange book...

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But how can you trust anyone’s story? Every story, including mine, is an enactment of what we wish to be true, an edited version of our selves. Mayhem: a memoir

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We thought we were so modern. But then so did our parents, and so did their parents before them. Mayhem: a memoir

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It’s easy to express vulnerability when you are strong, and almost impossible when you are not. Mayhem: a memoir