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Weeks 110 & 111

Didn’t do this last week, so two entries for today: Week 111 Stink:: skunk Renewal:: work I remember…:: you in cinefilm. Loneliness:: Lonely but never alone...

Think back, no further back

“described as a “psychonanalytic procedure in which
a person is encouraged to give free rein to his or
her thoughts and feelings, verbalizing whatever
comes into the mind without monitoring its content.”
Over time, this technique is supposed to help
bring forth repressed thoughts and feelings that
the person can then work through to gain a better
sense of self.

Week 68

Finale::Cancelled :( Martial arts::Buffy Flirt::Tease Energy::Lucazade, see how advertising works Flavor::taste Guess?::what/who Accomplishment::that wan who became the first Irish woman to reach the top of Everest...

Back to usual, late again

Vagina::Monologues (no never seen them, but talk about overkill with the advertising) Racism::Bad (wow, talk about a profound association!) Mother’s Day::No its not. We already had...

Sunday regular

Pitbull – terrier. Ugly but strangely cute dogs TD – Michaél Martin. The Irish parliment is the Dáil, and members of parliment are TDs Carter –...

Unconscious Mutterings

Free association time Wife -Whats the point in getting married?? Criminal – Eminem, that song her has “I’m a criminal” or however it goes Campaign- Bloody...

Unconscious Mutterings

Dogma – Ben Affleck Spirit- Vodka Voodoo – priest Demon – Lorne Digital – Camera Ceremony – church Research – study Career – job Penis –...