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The Killables

Evil must be identified – Book one in the Killables trilogy In the future the only place of safety is The City. Ruled over by The Grea [...]

The hunger games

Ever since Katniss’ father died in a mining accident she has been the one to take care of her family. Her mother’s depression le [...]

The dead-tossed waves

Author: Carrie Ryan Sequel to The forest of hands and teeth All her life Gabrielle has grown up sheltered by the Barrier. It protects th [...]

The forest of hands & teeth

Author: Carrie Ryan I think that one of the main reasons I picked this book up was because of that title; The forest of hands & teeth [...]

The Awakening

Book #1 in The Vampire Diaries series ISBN: 0061020001 September 4 Dear Diary, Something awful is going to happen today I don’t know w [...]

Superman Returns

Superman has never really been a superhero that I was a fan of. Sure, he is faster than a speeding bullet and has saved the world on numerou [...]
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