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Talk about a blood injury I’d say he had to change his jersey and all before he came back on….

why the f**k is it called dolphin’s barn? Who keeps dolphins in a bleedin’ barn?

You’d really have to wonder what some people have to complain about. Recently there has been a string of letters…

Are you right there, Father Ted?

Was browsing over on the Irish Independent’s site (reg or bugmenot req’d), and came across a letter on the topic of immigration. It was written agreeing with one in the paper the previous day. I hadn’t seen the first one, so took a peek. It’d make you wonder.

A knowledge of history is important

I’m referring to a letter I saw in the Sunday Times (I think) about London’s reaction to the bombings. I can’t find it online, so I’m forced to rely on my memory, but the gist of it was that this bombing will not work. That other countries have tried to take over England; The Romans, the Vikings, the French, the Germans and the Irish. Tried and failed.

Who here can say OTT?

Last Sat. saw the first test match between the British and Irish Lions and the New Zealand All Blacks. I…

Letter of the week

“Could I take this opportunity to ask if Sinn Féin now supports the location of an incinerator in Cork? -Letter…

Well tis Imbolc time

Also known as the beginning of Spring, or, here in Ireland St. Brigid’s Day. Mind you I haven’t even seen…

Letter to the Indy

The letter scroll down to find, or just browse them all: “Sir: Mr Blair has been completely vindicated by the…

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