Talk about a blood injury I’d say he had to change his jersey and all before he came back on. And now for something somewhat different: A Chara, – How ironic that in the week when we finally have had to accept that we are killing the planet with our over-use of energy, the main […]

A knowledge of history is important

I’m referring to a letter I saw in the Sunday Times (I think) about London’s reaction to the bombings. I can’t find it online, so I’m forced to rely on my memory, but the gist of it was that this bombing will not work. That other countries have tried to take over England; The Romans, the Vikings, the French, the Germans and the Irish. Tried and failed.

Letter to the Indy

The letter scroll down to find, or just browse them all: “Sir: Mr Blair has been completely vindicated by the Hutton report. He is not a liar. He has himself consistently maintained that he believed, and still believes, the uncorroborated and flimsy intelligence that came before him from our own intelligence service, and the information […]