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Talk about a blood injury I’d say he had to change his jersey and all before he came back on. And now for something somewhat different [...]

why the f**k is it called dolphin’s barn? Who keeps dolphins in a bleedin’ barn?

You’d really have to wonder what some people have to complain about. Recently there has been a string of letters whining and moaning a [...]

Are you right there, Father Ted?

Was browsing over on the Irish Independent's site (reg or

A knowledge of history is important

I'm referring to a letter I saw in the Sunday Times (I think) about London's reaction to the bombings. I can't find it online, so I'm forced [...]

Who here can say OTT?

Last Sat. saw the first test match between the British and Irish Lions and the New Zealand All Blacks. I made a brief mention of it, but hav [...]

Letter of the week

“Could I take this opportunity to ask if Sinn Féin now supports the location of an incinerator in Cork? -Letter in the Irish Times [...]

Well tis Imbolc time

Also known as the beginning of Spring, or, here in Ireland St. Brigid’s Day. Mind you I haven’t even seen a hint of the crosses& [...]

Letter to the Indy

The letter scroll down to find, or just browse them all: “Sir: Mr Blair has been completely vindicated by the Hutton report. He is not [...]