Happy New Year

That’s another year over and done with. And in many ways I’m thinking people are delighted to see the back of 2018 as it certainly wasn’t great for a lot of people. But there was good news as well, and it helps to remember that is isn’t all doom and gloom. There have been two […]

Happy New Year

So, another year has come and gone, and I doubt I’m the only one who was a tad disappointed by certain events1 this year. Plus all those celebrity deaths. It has been an interesting2 year on a global scale. Book & filmwise there has been some great stuff released. I’m going to just run a […]

Happy New Year

Hope every one’s new year celebrations went well. I still don’t do resolutions, at least not at this time of the year :) but if you’ve made some good luck! I started off the year by cooking dinner for almost 20 people, family & in-laws. Was a bit worried at one stage that the road […]

Happy 2015

Happy New Year everybody, I hope you had a great 2014 and that 2015 will continue that way. I did my mini book & film review of the year already, and I hope I get to read as many good books this year as I did last. For 2015, as you can see if you’re […]

Merry 2014

I know, we’re ten days into January now, but as I’ve said on numerous occasions here on this very blog, better late than never. We had an incident with a tree and a phone line before Christmas, so my internet was down but we’re finally back in action again. It does mean I’ve sort of […]