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Never since the battle of the Somme has so much effort been wasted in losing so many yards

I was at Croke Park today. As a witness you’d think I’d therefore have some clue what was going on, but, omg, wtf was that? The [...]

A collection of odments

Well, obviously enough, with the weekend just gone my first topic of this post has to be... the role of the Catholic Church in the politi [...]

Just in case you were wondering

Both O’Driscoll and D’Arcy are out of tomorrow’s game against Scotland. “The Leinster centres both picked up hamstri [...]

More rugby news

No moaning from those not interested: From the Irish Times, I hear that it is looking more and more promising for O’Driscoll and DR [...]

Triple Crown Champions

Spent the day in front of the telly, first there was the Wales vs Italy match in the Millennium stadium. Have to admit that I felt a bit sor [...]
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