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Susan discussed literature?

Ever since Estella's Revenge came to an end I'm been vaguely thinking that maybe a book forum/discussion site might be a nice idea. So, with [...]

Beo ar an aer

Féach ar sin, tá TG4 online. And not just a schedule, but actual programmes. I’m not sure if it works outside Ireland, but sure take [...]

I could have half the whores in Narbo for that, and their mothers!

Hee, if you use Google’s blog search and the terms lamb chicken rome what do you get? My reviews, and then some other stuff. [...]

I don’t know, fly casual!

So Han Solo really was in Firefly then. If you don’t see him just click and the flickr one has a note to point him out. via Firefly Da [...]

kingdom of daylight’s dauphin

Well, some people might get to see Golden Eagles, but I got to see a Peregrine Falcon. At least I’m assuming thats what it was conside [...]

The Hobbiton Report

This Inquiry finds that Boromir was entrusted by his father, the Steward of Gondor, with the task of discovering the plans being made [...]

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