The world became a kind of puzzle or labyrinth. It was like the superstition which says that one must not walk upon lines between flag stones

Sometimes I make myself laugh at my own idiot behaviour. There I was reading a blog that stated “due to being bombarded with spam we’ve disabled comments” and I thought to myself “I should leave them a comment saying that I’ve heard nothing but good things about Spam Karma 2[1] And, in more sensible news, […]

Stupidity has a knack of getting its way

Went to the library today with one aim in mind. To pick up a copy of The Year 1000 by Lacey and Dannziger. I’d looked up the call number and everything so didn’t have to bother with the OPACs. Headed straight for 942.017 and collected the book. Took a quick look around but apart from […]